Monday, January 25, 2021


Know this first, keep it on your mind: In these last days There are in these last days, of  these last days of this world as we know it to be scoffers shall come chiding us while walking according to their own desires,  and vain imaginations saying; Where is the promise of  the Lords return? Men for generations have said He was going to return, and they have all died without seeing Him. Things will continue as they have been, and things will be  continuing to continue.  Second Peter 3:3-4.     

 The light of the moon shall be as the light of the sun, and the light of the sun shall be sevenfold, as the light of seven days in the day the Lord binds up the offense of His people. Isaiah 30:26

Amos :8:11-13 ----- There is a famine in the land. No it is not a hunger for the natural foods that sustain temporal natural life. It is for God sent spiritual words of God that sustain everlasting life in God.

Second Chronicles 15:3-4 ----- As in times past it is now true that for a long season the true church has been without the true God, because it has been without a teaching ministry. It is also true that God is now raising up a young ministry to whom He is restoring the vision of the restoration of the church, and the bringing forth of a bride church without spot, blemish, wrinkle or any such thing.

Isaiah 30:24-26 ----- It is soon to be, ....................................................
that once again the young asses, (young ministers) that ear the ground, (eat the leavings that  have fallen to the ground) shall eat clean provender, which has been winnowed with the shovel and the fan, (Proven by threshing and winnowing), First Thessalonians 5:20-21. 

Saturday, January 23, 2021


Revelation 21:8 Galatians 5:19-21

First Corinthians 6:9
To receive forgiveness of sin, and restoration unto mercy by the  grace of God through Jesus Christ, a man, including those who are ministers must 
(1)   Confess, First John 1:7-10
(2) Repent, with commitment, with a godly sorrow Second Corinthians 7:9-11. The above listed scripture are especially applicable to those who present themselves as being ministers of light, but are in truth angels of darkness, wolves in sheep clothing. Men will lie to men to cover their sins but know this, Numbers 32:23, your sins will find you out. 
The apostle Peter in First Peter 5:2, while admonishing the ministry to feed the of God telling them to take the oversight willing, not by constraint or for money, emphasized that they were to be examples and not act as lords. Lords rule, leaders lead, there is a difference. Lords rule by mandate, making themselves exceptions to the laws they impose while leaders lead by example making no difference, there is the difference. That which is lawful, or unlawful for the flock of God is the same for those who lead the flock of God. 
Paul in First Timothy 3:1-7, and Titus 1:6-9, clearly outline's the qualifications of the ministry. These qualifications are unchangeable. Anyone holding office in the  New Testament ministry must be qualified in all these qualifications or the whole ministry is impugned, note verse six of first Timothy 3, and First Timothy 5:22. First Peter 4:17, says "judgement must first begin at the house of God." As with all things of God judgement is from the top down not the bottom up. The ministry must be the example in all things including judgement and there can be no exceptions. Adulterers, idolator's, fornicators, extortioners, effeminate, perverts, pedophile's, liars, thieves, abusers of men, false accusers, and misusers of the the people and ministers of God, and all others who live in violation of the moral laws of God have disqualified themselves from being in the New Testament ministry of God. 
They can be restored unto repentance, and they can be saved out of their sins unto salvation but they cannot continue in the ministry as examples. They have disqualified themselves. We are commanded by scripture to withdraw from every man that is called a brother that does these things, Second Thessalonians 3:6. Then in First Corinthians 6:9-10, it is established that they which do such things shall not inherit the Kingdom of God. This being so how could they lead anyone else there? When the blind lead the blind, Matthew 15:14, they shall both fall into the ditch. 
I  will give allowance to the application from the Old Testament in Ezekiel 44:1-14, wherein such a one could work in natural helps around the church, but not in the attending and oversight of the people of God, or the administering of the word of God. They have disqualified themselves. I also will allow such a one a time of limitations. That after seven years passing with no allegations with proof are presented such charges will not be considered. In such a case I would consider the accused, if guilty, has repented, been forgiven and God has restored him in totality.. Anything beyond that would be left to God to judge. However if it is determined they have covered their sins with deceits and  lies, and continue to unrepentantly do so they remain condemned in their sins, and thus will receive the wrath of God which is a lake of fire unto the eternal judgment of death.     

Friday, January 22, 2021



Everyone either conscientiously or instinctively by reason of influence finds an identity in purpose and expression of purpose. Those who do so conscientiously do so by way of conviction of cause.

                            IDENTIFIED BY

Salvation is a progressive act accomplished in its fullness by doing unto, Romans 6: 16-23

 I offer this: Any dress, behavior, or lifestyle standard should declare a determination of fulfilling Christian character attributes defined by the word of God, with these being as defined by the God called ministry of this time. The five outward declaritive expressions of the determination of Christian holiness are as follows:
(1) Chastity
(2) Modesty
(3) Obedience
(4) Sacrifice
(5) Servitude
These all are expressed in all of ones life's purposes, passions, actions, and associations.

If lifestyle standards were nothing more than traditions and customs I also would be advocating the doing away with them. Thirty one  years ago I wrestled with this question, and very seriously entertained doing exactly that. The Assembly I pastored had just suffered a terrible shaking, with my faith itself being shaken to the very foundation. A charismatic element within the Assembly rose up in opposition, both to our holiness standards and my leadership because of these standards. These were men and women whom I had through the preaching of the gospel, brought out of religion and into the Body of Christ. Men and women whom I had labored with, cried with, prayed with, worshipped with. Men and women whom I had joined together in marriage, shared the joy of the birth of their children with. People that were my dearest friends. I loved them. 
With tears of love, and concern I sought the Lord for his direction. There are those who will be surprised to learn that I was prepared to capitulate all things, forsaking any and all tradition or custom to do whatever the Lord wanted for His Church. After several weeks of deep and travailing prayer, during the early hours of one morning following a three day fast God opened my understanding to know His way and His will in this matter. It was then that He allowed me to comprehend the attributes of holiness and how to attain unto them. I,  with my wife, sons, and many witnesses who are with me unto this day remember my actions on that glorious day of epiphany. With tears of thankfulness in my eyes  and joy in my heart I crawled out onto the roof of the building we called our Church and with my hands placed a sign for the whole world to see, "HOLINESS UNTO THE LORD" it declared in bold letters. 
The next several weeks were spent in study and prayer seeking God on how to present what I now knew as His will to His people on this matter. During that time I developed a small pamphlet, some of you may recall the little book with the Trojan Horse depiction on the cover, that many ministers use unto this day to explain the why and how of separation from the world. It was also during that period that I received the enlightenment of the five attributes of holiness and how they are essential to the achieving of the place we are seeking in God. As repeated many times, but never too many, again they are, an expression of MODESTY,  a declaration of CHASTITY, the act of self SACRIFICE, the denying of self by SERVITUDE, and the humility of OBEDIENCE to the three powers of God. The Lord has revealed that our standard of dress reflects our heart in these five characteristics of being holy by the open unashamed public expression of our values and determinations. No ... standards are not about traditions and customs they are declarations of our very purpose by an outward expression of our inward determination in fulfilling our purpose.
Some detractors accuse those of us who love holiness as expressed in a dedicated separated lifestyle of being hypocritical by being in association with persons whom they deem to be immoral and unfit. I will answer thusly, Jesus was also so libeled: Matthew 11:19, Luke 7:34. We are not ashamed of the gospel we preach, or of those we try to assist in the redemption process.  

Wednesday, January 20, 2021





The apostle Paul on several occasions wrote that he "Would not that believers be ignorant." Romans 1:13, Romans 11:25, First Corinthians 10:1, First Corinthians 12:1, Second Corinthians 1:8, First Thessalonians 4:13, of the many truths, needs, circumstances, and perils, of the early church.  The letters Paul wrote clearly evidence his passion for truth. In, Second Timothy 2:15, the apostle directs his son in the Lord, Timothy, to study and learn so that he would be a qualified minister of the gospel of Christ without bringing shame to himself or the gospel because of his being ignorant.
There are those who refuse to look outside of the box of religious traditionalism, or even consider the myriad of facts evidenced of creation with its purpose and plan, the godheadthe devil, evil spirits, and more. The forming, and commissioning of Adam/Eve, and their fall from the favor and grace of God. The flood of Noah. Then, there is this matter of  the Israel of God, both according to the flesh, and the spirit, its judgment, be it instructive, corrective, punitive, or eternal.  The rise and fall of the apostolic early church, with the subsequent, and current restoration of the same. Finally, and culminating, in the bringing forth of the, manifested sons of God, who will be those who will be called "The Bride of Christ." These will be they which have made themselves like Christ. They will be those who have washed their robes, and who through much patient continuance, resisting unto blood, and yes, death of self, made thimselves like Jesus Christ. They, like Jesus who thought it not robbery to be "made" equal with God.  
They who resist truth for ignorance are those who refuse to consider, by reason of stubborn ignorance, continue to cling to the crumbling pillars of the ancient myths of Jewish fables, pagan practices, false sciences, and the religious traditions of a fallen church, and men who seeing, see not.      

Tuesday, January 19, 2021


The Zoroastrian religion of ancient Persia taught, as they teach today in modern Iran a concept called dualism, which is believing in distinct two and opposing gods; one which is good, another which is evil. The good god is called "Ahura Mazda". The evil god is called Angra Mainyo. 

*The Jews, while in Persian captivity and favorable with and too their masters, (Consider the book of Esther)  adopted this Persian religious concept, then gladly almalgamated it into their already much compromised, and confused theology, Matthew 15:9.

 Neither The Talmud, nor Talmudic Judaism, or the many other and varied mystical religious sects,  such as those of the Kabbalahistic   Jews, represent themselves as being heirs, and representative of The Israel of God, however  they

are not. Not according to the Torah of Moses, the prophets of old, or the New Testament apostles, Second Timothy 4:4, Titus 1:14-16, Second Peter 1:16. 

*The apostate fallen Christian Church of the first century after seventy A.D. carried this Persian/Jewish fallacy of teaching with them into the wilderness, Revelation 12:13-14. Most of those still coming out of the wilderness remain steeped in this ancient pagan concept.   

ISAIAH 45:7-9, Good, and evil; they both come from God. Not wickedness, but divine evil retribution in consequence of the wickedness of sin.     

Jeremiah 40:2-3

Recognize that it is not another evil god, but the only God, who is God that sends judgment to those who are His.

Consider: First Samuel 16:14-16,  and Daniel 9:13-13-15, The Lord, our God does punish his people by sending evil upon them. When He does there is often  (collateral damage). Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah were ones, being enslaved and made eunuchs in the kings palace. Daniel 1:6-8. Although they were good, and faithful they were collectively made collateral damage.  

When Achan sinned in rebellious and disobedient greed, his whole family, and all that he possessed  perished in the valley of Achor by stoning, Joshua 7:10-26. 
The remnant of the church that fled into the wilderness was the collateral damage because of the sins of apostasy as was  prophesied by the apostle Paul, in Acts 20:27-30,  First Thessalonians 2:16, Second Thessalonians 2:1-1. 
The faithful  escaped the wrath of God, which was poured out during the judgment of that world in 70 AD, First Thessalonians 2:12-16, Revelation 6:12-17. 
This was the same wrath the apostle Paul spoke of in, Ephesians 6:4, wherein he admonished the church fathers to bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Compromise with the world condemns the compromised unto compromise.      



John 13:35

First Peter 2:17,                                    

First John 4:7-12 

Love never fails: Even,.......................................................................................................................................When disappointed, when in disapproval, when in disagreement, when in dislike, when in dismay, when in despair, when in anger, when in confusion, etc, etc, etc, and forevermore, love never fails, The love of God never fails in those who truly know, and chose to follow in his footsteps.    

Let Us Love The Brotherhood with the unfailing, and  un-compromised, love of God. 

Ephesians 4:26-27,  Can someone fulfill these scripture and fail in love? No, of course not.  



Monday, January 18, 2021


 It seems that a  shroud of defeat, death, and evil have enveloped the whole world, including the church world. As Christians, members of the Body of Christ with a vision it seems that we would each examine ourselves, humble ourselves, and pray while seeking the face of God. That we individually, and collectively, would  turn from our wicked ways so that we can hear from heaven, and God would heal our land. Second Chronicles 7:14. 

I ask that all those who read this blog please pray that God will show us individually, and collectively  his way, and will so that we may walk in His perfect way. 

 I ask that we repent, we pray, we seek your face Lord. Heal our land, please heal our land. Heal our assemblies, heal our families, Heal Your Body,  heal our nation. Please Lord help us to cry out in true repentance with a godly sorrow, Second Corinthians 7:9-11, pray that He will allow us to seek and find the old paths, Jeremiah 6:16. We covenant by the grace and Spirit of our Lord Jesus Christ, we WILL walk in them.

Please Lord, lift this shroud from us.