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The Lords rest. (Sabbath), is not, in ceremonies, days, new moons, or holy days. His rest is in Christ Jesus through His Spirit, Hebrews 3:7-10, Hebrews 4:1-13. Under the Law Sabbath was always ceremonial which was kept as a shadow (type) of things to come on the seventh day of the calendar week. The Levitical ceremonial law was abolished by Christ on the cross, Ephesians 2:15. The New Covenant Church of Jesus Christ is fulfilled in worshipping God and His Son in Spirit and truth, John 4:24. Our Sabbath is in the Spirit and not in the flesh.    

 John 6:32-35

Transubstantiation: The Roman Catholic teaching that the elements of the bread and wine when consecrated and consumed at the Eucharist are transformed into the literal body and blood of Christ.

Eucharist : The sacrament of Holy Communion. A mass of the Roman Catholic religion.

Consubstantiation : The substitute teaching, of the Roman Catholic teaching, of transubstantiation practiced by mainstream breakaway, (so  called Protestant sects), from the Roman Catholic Church. The teaching that the substance of the body and blood of Christ are in, and with, the substance of the bread and wine of the Eucharist.

ORIGIN : Ancient pagan religions, almost without exception, practiced some form of god eating ceremonies. Religions from Egypt, to India, to Persia, to Rome, to the Inca's, and Aztec's of South America, they all believed in and practiced some form of transubstantiation. Mithraism, was the preeminent religion of ancient pagan Rome, and was very much involved with this pagan imagery. Roman Catholicism adopted the practice into its teachings to gain adherents to the Church of Papal Rome. King Henry, Martin Luther, John Calvin, and others  thought they could reform Roman Catholicism but soon found themselves unable to do so. Finally realizing that reformation was not possible they  broke away from the Roman Catholic Church and formed what became known as protestant religion. They left the system but, they to the misfortune of generations to come, carried a lot of Catholic baggage out with them. This teaching of god eating is one of these Catholic baggage teachings that they would have better left behind. Many subsequent breakaways, both from the Mother Roman Catholic Church, and her many offspring daughters have continued in this Mitharistic myth. 

It has been recently suggested that we should reconsider the taking of what is called, "THE SACRAMENT", I do here quote the apostle Paul. I say God forbid that we, "return to the bondage of the beggarly elements from which we have been delivered",  Galatians 4:1-10. God has shown us a better way. We, now being free from the traditions and doctrines  of men, worship God in Spirit and in truth, John 4:24. 

The Lord Jesus Christ just before his death on the cross took Passover with his disciples which were all Jews following the law of the Passover Feast. After so doing He broke unleavened bread and passed a cup of wine for them all to drink of saying that from henceforth they, (those were in times past Jews) were  to do this (Passover Feast) in remembrance of him. He was not instituting a new ceremonial ordinance. He was telling His Jewish followers that as believers He was now their Passover, First Corinthians 5:7-8. He is also our Passover. When we worship Him in sincerity and truth we eat His flesh, and drink His blood, John 6:32-35. This is not some spiritualistic imagery called communion as practiced by pagans and Babylonish religion, but is in fact the literal communion of Christ and His body, First Corinthians10:14-17. 
Unless someone ascribes to the teaching of transubstantiation it belies reason to understand how they can accept that there is any spiritual efficacy, or supernatural effects resultant from the eating of a ritualistic meal of a wafer and juice. Ritualistic communion is exactly that, ritualistic. Nothing more, nothing less, than ritualistic. The ritual of what is called communion predates Christianity and is easily proven to be no more than another concession by adaptation of Roman Catholicism for the designed purpose of assimilating pagan religious peoples into the Roman Catholic religion. It is also true that even as the early breakaway protestants carried many other teachings and customs out of the Romish system such as the teaching of the trinity, they also redesigned this pagan ritual and continued in it.  
John 6:32-58, clearly shows that Jesus Christ is the flesh and blood that we must eat and drink if we are to have everlasting life. Not literally eating and drinking but figuratively eating and drinking by imbibing His truth and His Spirit in truth and worship. When we receive His word we eat his word, we eat his flesh. To drink of his blood is to imbibe of His Spirit. The life is in the blood naturally, and in the Spirit spiritually speaking. By spiritually speaking I do mean not literally in the natural sense, but rather literally with the realization that the Spirit of God is the Blood that was poured out for us on the day of Pentecost and that therein is the Life of God. Except we eat His flesh, and drink His blood, John 6:53, we have no life in us. The religious ritualistic meal called communion is not His flesh and blood and there is no life in the doing of it. To think there is is superstition.  

Saturday, December 8, 2018


Isaiah 5:14,
According to scripture hell is big. Hell is a she. Hell has a big mouth, and she is getting bigger.

Shall we now define hell according to scripture?

The word hell is used in the King James version of the Bible 54 times, 31 in The Old Testament, and 23 in the New Testament. In the Old Testament its literal translation is always  the Grave. The New Testament it is translated from three Greek words, Tartaros, one time, Second Peter 2:4, ( the deepest abyss of Hades), Hades (the grave), and Gehenna, (the valley of Gehenna was an ancient place of human sacrifice). The scripture's most often used to teach that the punishment for sin is eternal life in the torments of unquenchable fire are, Mark 9:43-48, Revelation 19:20, Revelation 20:10-15, and of course the parable of Lazarus and the rich man in Luke 16:19-31. Some would also feel justified to use Jude 1:6-7, and Second Peter 2:1-22 as substantiation of the concept of immortal souls suffering in the eternal torment of fire. 
This brings us to first glaring evidence of the untenability's of this teaching. The first thing that must be understood before embarking in an effort of proving eternal torment. The first untenability is the concept of man being endowed with an immortal soul. There is no scriptural evidence that mankind is immortal. Actually the scriptural evidence denies the immortality of the soul. The soul of man is mortal, Psalms 33:19, Ezekiel 18:4 & vs. 20, James 5: 20, Romans 6:23, Genesis 2:17. Then having established the mortality of the soul arises the question; What is a soul? The popular religious concept is that man has a soul. I present that a soul is not what mankind has, a soul is what he is, Genesis 2:7. Souls desire, Deuteronomy 14:26, First Samuel 2:16, First Samuel 20:4, First Kings 11:37. Souls have inordinate lusts, Genesis 34:1-3, etc etc etc. For a exhaustive research on the Biblical attributes of a soul all someone needs to do is research the word soul in a Crudens  or any other good Concordance. We have a body and we have life, we are a soul. Not a immortal soul; a mortal soul that needs to be saved from the inevitability of death. Death is the ultimate conclusion of all mortal life.
       Only God has immortality, First Timothy 6:15-16. All things both living and nonliving, temporal, or everlasting come from God, First John 1:3, Colossians 1:16-17, The idea of the immortal soul of mankind is not found in the scripture. It is an idea of ancient Hindu origin and is founded in the Hindu concept of reincarnation, not resurrection. The answer to the often asked question; "Where will you spend eternity,"  is not properly answered Heaven or Hell, but alive or dead. The souls that die with un-remitted sin will suffer the eternal judgement of death in the grave, (hell). The souls that have had their sins remitted by Jesus Christ will resurrect at His appearing unto life, even everlasting life, First Corinthians 15:1-58. The sinner and the ungodly shall perish in their sins, John 3:16, Romans 2:12, First Corinthians 1:18. To perish is to cease to exist.
 Damnation is utter destruction. In The Lord's dialogue of, Matthew 23:1-39, and, Matthew 24:1-51, the subject of His teaching was the imminent judgment and destruction of the apostate Jewish world. His statement that all of the destruction He was speaking of at that time would come to that generation, not some future generation but the one that was alive at the time of his speaking, Matthew 23:36, and Matthew 24:34. This evidence of the very words of Christ confirmed by both secular and religious historians should satisfy all but the most prejudiced of readers. That utter damnation of the Jewish world executed in seventy A.D. was the hell fire, the Gehenna, Jesus was warning them of. That was the lake of fire of, Revelation 19:20, and  Revelation 20:10-15. Death, was the dead religious systems of apostate Judaism, and the hell, grave, (hell), that Jesus said they made their proselyte's  two fold more the child of, Matthew 23:15. The eternal wrath of God was executed on all those whom made a covenant with death and an agreement with hell, Isaiah 28:15-18, and were hence reserved in everlasting chains of darkness, Jude 1:6, Second Peter 2:4. Their eyes were blinded, Romans 11:5-10, Matthew 13:14-15, Mark 4:10-12.        

Friday, December 7, 2018


The son of King David and king of ancient Israel, Solomon, writing in Proverbs 28:15 said that a wicked ruler is like a roaring lion, and a ranging bear. In First Peter 5:8 we learn that the devil, (lit. adversary) walks about as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. Could it not have been that the apostle Peter was speaking in simile or metaphor about the evil rulers of Jerusalem, and Rome who were at that time persecuting the church? To have used scriptural symbolism in writing a letter would have been prudent seeing that should the letter have fallen into the wrong hands it would have brought increased persecution. Surely we can all agree (no matter how we disagree on who the devil is) that the terminology, walking about as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour, is figurative metaphor, or simile in any case. 
 Another thing worth consideration is that the accuser (lit. slanderer) translated as Satan in the KJV, transforming himself into a angel, (lit. messenger), of light, (truth) in Second Corinthians 11:14:
  It is a known truth that the apostate Jewish High Priesthood and Sanhedrin were the chief opponents of early Christianity. There were those who, thinking they were doing God a service, John 16:2, took oaths to kill Paul, Acts 23:12-14, saying that they would not eat or drink until they had killed him. Jesus said of them that they sit in Moses seat, Matthew 23:2, commanding His disciples to do whatsoever they bid. When the apostle Paul was taken prisoner and commanded to be smitten by the evil High Priest Ananias, Paul called him a whited wall that God would smite. only to repent of his words once he realized this presumptuous man he was speaking to was none other than the High Priest of Israel, Acts 23:1-6.
 False religion today represents itself as being the church with its principal leaders as being the messengers of light, and ministerial followers as righteous men when in fact they are the angels of the darkness of. 

Thursday, December 6, 2018


At the time of the writing of Revelation apostate Judaism was the harlot in mention.  When you consider that the Old Testament Prophets called her a harlot, or inferred that she was a whore, no less than eighty four times at my last count, the evidence is overwhelming.  She, (apostate Judaism) sold her virtue and aligned herself with the kings of this world.  Isn't that what a whore is, someone who sells herself for worldly gain?  In as much as Judaism was the first of the God ordained religious systems to sell herself, is it not reasonable to see her as the mother of harlots, with all subsequent God founded, God worshipping religions, including Catholicism, as her daughters?  We must treasure the things that identify us and keep us from the strange woman who flatters with her lips as she leads the foolish into her bed of iniquity.  Babylon is the mystery religion composed of man-devised denominations, associations, and fellowships (mother and daughters) that have no revelation of a church in restoration, and is content to continue in the teachings and traditions of the apostate religious system (The Mother of Harlots), and are thus relegated to being the daughters of the prostituted mother, Revelation 17:1-3.
Oftentimes the bible does reference evil and evildoers as darkness and being in darkness and there most certainly were, and are rulers of darkness, Ephesians 6:12.  False religion is the kingdom of darkness and those who are trapped in these prison houses are those whose eyes are blinded by chains of false religious precepts causing them to be reserved unto eternal judgment.
In times of old the prophets were often called seers, (or if you will, those who see the things of God).  Hence with a little study it is easy to see that the ministry, both then and now, is likened unto the eyes of the body.  The ministry of apostate Israel was blind, their eyes had been darkened, Romans 11:8-10.  That is what Jesus was speaking of when He said, “If the blind lead the blind they will both fall into the ditch”, Matthew 15:13.  That ditch they were to fall into was the false religious system that would ensue, (Talmudic Judaism) after they crucified Christ and were judged at the end of that world.  Proverbs 23:27 says that a whore is a deep ditch and a strange woman is a narrow pit.  A whore is a woman who sells her virtue while a strange woman is a woman without morals (standards of right and wrong).  In Revelation 17:1-6 we find a symbolic statement of a woman who is a harlot and the mother of harlots, we all know this woman and her daughters to be apostate religion.  No religious system, either large or small, that has gone into apostasy believes it has.  The Jewish ministry sold out for an agreement with hell and a covenant with death, (the ultimate whoredom) which was dis-annulled when the overflowing scourge of 70A.D. passed over, Isaiah 28:13-18.  Jesus was warning His disciples of the imminent necessity of plucking out their right eye, and cutting off their right hand (Ministry).  He once told them to do whatsoever the leaders of Israel commanded because they sat in Moses seat, Matthew 23:1-3.  When the veil of the Temple was rent in twain Ichabod was written above their door and forever more their way has been the way of a strange woman.
There is a great religious deception sweeping throughout the religious world, including those among us who have not this overcoming message, which says the only thing God requires is to believe in Him and live a moral life, and that there are no boundaries beyond the abstaining from the worship of idols and living a decent moral life.  You can do what the rich young ruler wanted to do, pay nothing, you can look like the world, act like the world, talk like the world, and think like the world, and still declare and believe yourself to be not of the world.  If you want a cheap imitation of the real thing you can buy it; there is a broad and easy way with deceived purveyors of deceit who ever so adeptly persuade the simple that they have the real thing.  Several years ago while in Mexico I was offered what appeared to be a three thousand dollar Rolex watch for twenty five dollars.  Needless to say the watch was a cheap imitation.  There are those who want to offer you an opportunity to be in the Body of Christ at bargain basement prices; needless to say what they offer is a cheap imitation.  They ridicule the separated lifestyle saying it is without effect and that it robs us of our ability to witness to the world.  Whether it’s the ditch of organization, or the ditch of the permissive Charismatic religious philosophy, it is still a ditch, a pit, a strange woman, hell, false religion.  It is between these two ditches that we find the strait and narrow way which will lead us to full salvation with everlasting life.
In Proverbs 5:1-5, the writer speaks of a "Strange Woman" whose feet go down to death, and whose steps take hold of hell.  Then in Proverbs 7:5-27, the same writer proverbially speaks of the same strange woman noting that she had the attire of an harlot, adding "her house is the way to hell, going down to the chambers of death”.  Continuing in Proverbs 9:13-18, the story of this mysterious, strange woman continues; she is clamorous (loud) and flirtatious by always seeking foolish clients to come her way.  Then comes a strange statement: "stolen waters are sweet, and bread eaten in secret is pleasant".  Finally in sad summation we learn that her clients do not know that they are in the depths of hell.
An amazing picture of this mysterious strange woman is revealed in Revelation17:1-18.  She is a harlot.  She is the mother of many harlots.  She is wealthy.  She rides the back of a beast.  She makes war with The Lord.  She sits on multitudes of peoples, nations, and tongues.  She is a great city that rules over the kings of the earth.
Who is she and who are her daughters?  The mother is the first as Eve is the mother of all living, Genesis 3:20.  A harlot is a woman who sells her virtue.  The entire book of the prophet Hosea is devoted to a pictorial expose` of HER unfaithful adulterous ways.  Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel all, either by inference or direct statement, confirm apostate Israel after the flesh as being likened unto an adulterous woman.  Reason demands that these prophets of God be considered in concluding who the mother of the many harlots of Revelation was, is and forever will be.  A daughter is a woman birthed by a mother.  All apostate religious systems who claim to be of the true and living God of the bible but have sold their virtue and filled their cup with the filth of their abominations and fornication's are harlots.  All others are idolatrous.  In short, all who worship the true and living God in any way but in Spirit and in truth, John 4:23-24, are worshipping God in vain, Matthew 15:8-9. Except the Lord build the house, Psalms 127:1, they labor in vain.
Any false religious system is a hell (grave).  All false religious systems are graveyards.  The dead are those who are buried in these graves however the inhabitants do not know it, Proverbs 9:18.  The leaders and caretakers of these graves and graveyards are the gates (entrance ways) into these graves.  The religious leaders of apostate Israel according to the flesh did make war with the early church but did not prevail.  The apostle Paul was initially one of her warriors. Later Paul himself was a targeted victim of that harlot’s anger, Acts 23:12-15.
In the Book of Revelation we learn that there are four forces that have brought, and will bring persecution on The Church.  These four earthly devilish powers (authorities) are the BEAST, the FALSE PROPHET, the DRAGON and the HARLOT.  The beast spoken of is the many systems of ungodly human government of man that has, and will again, persecute the church.  The Dragon that gives power to the beast is the unspoken and un-named, without nationality, super-wealthy rulers that operate covertly controlling all of carnal man’s political, bureaucratic, monetary and military systems which are the four winds of Revelation 7:1.  The false prophet is the man-made religious systems that have always been and are now being substituted for the worshipping of God in Spirit and in truth, John 4:24.  These religious systems are religious pacifiers for the ignorant, and tools of manipulation of the beast.  The GREAT WHORE and her WHORISH DAUGHTERS are the religious systems which were once of God but have sold their virtue, (compromised her integrity) thereby prostituting themselves to the beast.  They proclaim themselves to know God but in fact are riding the back of the beast holding the golden cup of the word of God filled with abominations and the filthiness of her fornication that is at war with the true church, Revelation 13:4. WHO CAN MAKE WAR WITH THE BEAST?

Revelation 18:4 “And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues”.  Everything and everyone else that presumptuously called itself Christianity were relegated to being a part of Babylon, the MYSTERY BABYLON THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS, Revelation 17:1-7.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018


Just as God sent His angry judgment of the antediluvian world of Noah, Sodom, and the Jewish world He shall so send His wrath on this blasphemous world of secular humanism.

(1) Know and understand this: Perilous times have come to this world we live in today.

 (2) Men and women of today have for the most part degenerated into narcissist, (in love with themselves) covetous, (want what isn't rightfully theirs, greedy) boasters, (self promoters) proud, suffer  megalomania, blasphemers, (without respect, speak evil of God and His ways and word) disobedient to parents, (have no respect, or consideration for authority not even parents) unthankful, (without appreciation believing that they are entitled to all things desired without earning anything) unholy, (morally depraved without any moral compass in their lives)

(3) Without natural affection, (will disregard and abandon even their children, parents, spouse, or anyone or thing for immediate and temporal self gratification, truce breakers, (have no conscience about keeping their word or meeting their responsibilities) false accusers, ( will without compunction lie about, against, or on anyone to satisfy any whim of the moment, incontinent, (never satisfied, always wanting and demanding more, enough is never enough, Fierce, (violent), Despiser of those that are good, (as said they despise those who are good as God defines good, while admiring of those that are evil as God defines evil).

(4)  Traitors, (without loyalties or patriotism for any cause, purpose, or nation other than self) heady, (self willed, self determined, selfish) high-minded, (arrogantly self confident) Lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God, (atheistic, agnostic, secular humanistic, believing that self is more important than God).

(5) Have a form of godliness but deny the power thereof, ( religious but deny the Spirit of God, The word of God, or the ministry of God to have any authority in their lives. 
Second Timothy 3:1-5

In furtherance this is a time that the world:
 Lives after the flesh in lust and uncleanness, (fornication, adultery, homosexuality, pedophilia, violence, irresponsibility, etc all without conscience or care). They despise government, (they hate rules, codes, standards, and restraints that forbid them the abandonment of godly morals and Christian responsibilities. They are presumptuous and self willed, (They assume themselves and their opinions are right and all disagreeing with them of no consequence). They have no respect of and are without fear of speaking against authorities, God called and sent, or otherwise. 
Second Peter 2:10,  Jude 1:8 

If this doesn't adequately describe the time and society we live in I fail to know how to do so. It was described this way in the last days of the world of that time. Why would we think it would be any different in the last days of this world.  

Tuesday, December 4, 2018



The English word "church"  is taken from the Greek word ecclesia which translates, called out, separated, a set apart congregation. God has chosen the church to be in the world but not of the world, John 15:17-19. The world is in enmity with Christ and His church, James 4:4. If any man love the world the love of the Father is not in him, First John, First John 2:15. We are to be a called out people. Called out of the world, and into Him. We are to be "sanctified", that is to say, is set apart. Because of this the watchmen on the wall are commissioned and compelled to keep the world out of the church. The spirit of the church must be saved.
Peter said that judgment must first begin at the house of God, First Peter 4:17. Jesus, when rebuking the religious leaders of his day, said that they paid their tithes while omitting the weightier matters of the law, Matthew 23:23. He then enumerated what He considered the weightier matters of the law in a sequence of denotation that should be considered. The sequence was as follows, (1) judgment, (2)  mercy, (3)  faith. "These," He said, "you ought to have done, but not to have left the other undone. 
Everyone cries for mercy saying that tolerance is charity. Tolerance is not charity.  God is a merciful. God exercises perfect charity in judgment. It is obvious that when God judged Noah's world and Sodom and Gomorrah He was exercising perfect charitable judgment by delivering the world of the heinous crimes against nature practiced by these societies.
To tolerate the thing's which God hates is not mercy, neither is it charity. It is the making of oneself a partaker of the sins of that which they tolerate. In, First Corinthians 5:5, the apostle Paul in dealing with a particularly onerous moral sin told the ministry of that church to turn someone over to Satan for the destruction of the flesh so that the spirit , not his spirit, (the spirit of the church) may be saved in the day of the Lord. He went on to say that we were to have no fellowship with anyone who was a fornicator, covetous person (full of envy), idolater (atheist), railer (scorner), drunkard, or extortioner. In exercising this judgment Paul was exercising mercy to the Church by delivering it of the immoral, selfish and filthy defilement of the flesh. The spirit  (identity of separated holiness) of the Church was mercifully preserved because of the judgment exercised by a man of God who was without fear of the reproach, or favor of personalities. So should it be today; someone must continue to name sin as being exceedingly sinful, regardless of consequences.Tolerance is not love neither is love tolerance. To tolerate that which God hates is to be in hostile against the judgments of God, James 4:4.
The secular humanistic god of human sympathy allow all persons and activities regardless of how evil to continue, be accepted, endorsed, approved, and celebrated. Never has this been true with God or His called, sent ministry, neither His church. I call attention to Deuteronomy 13:6-13, to bear witness with the apostles Paul's words in First Corinthians 5:13. Someone may say, "Shouldn't we try to save them?" The answer is an emphatic yes we should. However it must me known that no one is saved out of their sins by compromise and tolerance. Second Thessalonians 3:14-15, very clearly instructs us in how to get this done.     
There is and old and wise adage that says, = "A bad apple will spoil a barrel of apples". We have witnessed a bad, spirit get into a church and destroy an entire church. Be it a an evil spirit of moral un-cleanness, strife, envy, bitterness, malcontent, discontents, gripers, criticizers, or otherwise, First Timothy 2:17, if left to fester these troublesome wicked spirits will spread like the bacteria of the rottenness in fruit. Either the bacteria within the fruit has to be cured, or cut out. Otherwise all of the fruit will become rotten. For the preservation of the whole, the death element in its entirety has to be removed. This is the faithful ministers responsibility, Hebrews 13:17.   

Monday, December 3, 2018


Having in previous posts identified the identities, nature, and characteristics of the many evil spirits that  bedevil mankind I now shall endeavor to with with the use of scripture to identify the best bible and only true methods of delivering souls from the evil grasp of the many tormentors that possess so many hapless victims. In Mark 9:16-29, we read of Jesus' healing a man's son who was plagued with being a deaf mute as well as an epileptic. The father had asked Jesus's disciples to help his son, but they were powerless to help. Jesus, after identifying the root of the problem of their inability to heal this man's son, rebuked the condition, (unexplained maladies were then called spirits). He thus healed the man's son of all his infirmities. In verse 29 Jesus explains to His disciples the only way of supernatural, God ordained deliverance can be done, (this kind can come forth by nothing but by prayer and fasting). There were no chants, loud incantations, incense, no making of religious signs, or ceremonial rituals to call down some unseen force. Jesus Christ the man was so connected to His Father the God of Heaven that He could merely speak the word and complete deliverance was accomplished. Quite simply said He was prayed up and completely consecrated to God in mind and purpose. His authority to deliver the afflicted, the infirm, the sick, and the mentally disturbed was entirely consequent of His abiding relationship with His Father God.
James, the brother and disciple of Jesus Christ, in his New Testament epistle admonishes this to those who are in need of deliverance, James 5:13-16, call for the prayer of the ministry who are those who have been appointed and anointed, and are in consecrated relationship with God, then submit to their administrations of prayer and they will be healed and forgiven of their sins. Men of God, who are in fact of God, (God is their source) have the authority of deliverance. Not some assumed authority such as the seven sons of Sceva, Acts 19:13-16, thought to exercise in, but a truly God sent God ordained. authority. Not religious theatrics, nor misguided but well intentioned efforts of sincere persons. Instead the preaching, teaching, praying ministry who are called of God. It takes the God called, God sent, prayed up, consecrated men who can call on heaven and be heard and answered. 
We are blessed with progressive salvation and realize we can be delivered through the hearing of the word of God which will wash us from sin. Sin is the cause of the effects, even the ultimate effect which is death, Ephesians 5:26. We are saved by preaching, First Corinthians 1:21 in progressive salvation. Not the preaching of and by just anyone claiming to be a preacher, but the preaching of those men who are the called, sent ministers of God, Romans 10:14-15. These who are the called, sent, consecrated, prayed through ministers of God which will fulfill their commission of Jesus Christ found in, Mark 16:14-18. They now, as did the apostles will have signs, (proofs) of their being ordained, God sent authorities of God over sin and the consequences of sin. The true ministry of God did not ever have to make excuses, resort to theatrics, play to religious sensibilities, or otherwise create illusions of atmosphere. As Jesus said, They shall know the truth and the truth shall make us free" John 8:32.