Sunday, January 20, 2019


JAMES 1:16
According to pattern, and by precedent, those things which God has done before He shall do again. The Law and the prophets could make nothing perfect, (Hebrews 7:19), that is to say in His image and in His likeness, Genesis 1:26. Because of this God in His mercy afforded them a special resurrection. That is, those whom, under the Law gave all that was available to them during that imperfect God ordained economy to attain to that purpose where there was no possibility of attaining.
 As recorded by the prophet Daniel in Daniel 12:1-2, that at the time of the fulfilling of the Messianic mission of Jesus Christ there would be a resurrection of the worthy ones of the old covenant saints. This was given that "conditionally" those raised to honor could, if they would, finish their course, and attain unto a better resurrection, during the white throne judgment period of 30-70 A.D. wherein they could in fact attain to the high calling of God in Christ Jesus, Hebrews 11:35, that is to say, "A BETTER RESURRECTION". 
With this in mind it is offered that this same never changing merciful God shall again do that Which He has done before.
 After the falling away from the church, referenced by the apostle Paul in Second Thessalonians 2:1-12, there has not been, and neither is there now, a full economy of the operation of the gifts of God whereby anyone could, or now can, attain unto sinless perfection. Even as no one prior to the Church Christ ordained on Pentecost 30 A.D. (which  had a forty year dispensation of grace before being removed) could attain to god like perfection. Because of the absence of the fullness of the operation of the three powers of God in their fullness, no one can attain again until the fullness of the restoration of the operation these three gifts, which are His called and sent Spirit, Word, and Ministry.
There has however throughout the ages been chosen, and ordained men, and women of God who, like those saints of old, have faithfully given a 100% of all they had available in their time and God given economy, even unto their lives in service and martyrdom. Just as God before made those faithful old testament saints an occasion for a special resurrection, Matthew 27:52, it is pattern and precedent, and that says He shall do it again.   
Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today, and forever, 
Hebrews 13:8     


 Evil has always been. There have always been liars, thieves, murderers, adulterers, fornicators, perverts, and all such like. Evil has always been. It is true that since the beginning of time it has been that there were those who lived as adulterers, and adulteress's. It is also true that these vulgar immoral persons produced innocent illegitimate children. Another truth is that there have always been perversions such as pedophiles, homosexuals, and worse, among us. It is again however true that it has not always been that these behaviors have been acceptable and approved as being natural, approved, endorsed, encouraged, enabled, proper and right behaviors.
 This era we live in is an evil time when men and women are like the woman in Proverbs 30:20. Regardless of what they do, they do no wrong. Almost all sexual behaviors and perversions are now accepted as normal and are given euphemistic names such as gay, single parent, etc. Recalling that as that as a boy when someone denoted someone as being gay they were simply acknowledging that person as being happy and care free. These days to call someone gay is to say that they are inclined to acts of sodomy with their same sex. Another word with a changed meaning is queer. This word was commonly used to describe something as being eccentric or unusual. Queer was also a word used to identify homosexual behavior. This word queer is now seldom heard because the homosexual agenda demands it be a abolished. The reason this is true is that it was understood that someone who practiced in homosexual behaviors was not considered to be gay but rather odd, strange, and perverted from the normal, that is to say queer.
The bible clearly teaches us that homosexuality, adultery, and all other aberrant, immoral, and amoral behavior is sin. This nation, as well as the entirety of what is commonly called the Western World, has changed their laws to make evil good, and good evil, Isaiah 5:20. Several ministers have recently asked me if I thought God would is using the Islamic World to execute his judgment on this ungodly world. All I can say in response to this question is that it would be consistent and according to His historic pattern of judgment. Consider how God used Babylon, and Rome to do exactly that, and you will understand how this could be a real possibility, Proverbs 14:24.
We who God has kept in His grace need to pray for all the poor benighted souls that have been overtaken into this insidious web of deception Especially for those who are reigning as the rulers of this world that they will use their powers to return this nation back to the principles of godly morality that it was founded on. We also need to pray for the poor souls of those who are caught up in un-natural lusts, asking God to save their souls and deliver them from their perversions.
Some would ask; Why are you so concerned with this matter, and why is it you are so vocal in your objections? I answer thusly. I  pastor a church that believes in the bible right and wrongs as given by God Almighty. I am responsible to watch for the souls of those God entrusts into my care, Hebrews 13:17. I have children, grandchildren, and hope someday to be a great grandfather. The thought that they who will subjected to this  pervasive perversity and ungodly philosophy is abhorrent to my consciences. I have witnessed this society as it has been subjugated to the constant propagandizing barrage of the sick amoral and un-natural purveyors of the philosophies of this sick society and the entertainment world and media. I seen the effect of the political propagandizing of these evil concepts and now stand witness to the acceptance of the same by the majority of citizenry, including many who call themselves Christian. 
All of this compels me to this determination, but mostly I do it because I know that God will condemn me if I fail to endorse what He endorses or condemn what He condemns. Isaiah 62:1, For Zions sake will I not hold my peace, and for Jerusalem's sake I will not rest until the righteousness, (Romans 6:16) thereof go forth as brightness, and the salvation thereof as a lamp that burneth.

Saturday, January 19, 2019


Neither the church nor the men who composed the ministry which was inaugurated on the day of Pentecost 30 A.D. were perfect. It was the operation of The Spirit of God, The Word of God, and The Ministrial gifts of God that was perfect. This was a work of God fulfilling the harvest and judgment of the Jewish world. Because of that operation men and women achieved unto the divine nature of God and His Son, Jesus Christ. First Stephen, then James, followed by many others who grew into perfection, the measure of the stature of fullness of Christ, Ephesians 4:13-14. When this happens again, then and only then will the gates of heaven be opened Revelation 19:11. 
All of the necessary elements it takes to produce according to the pattern of The Divine nature, Genesis 1:26, Second Peter 1-4, were present in their fullness for the forty years from Christ dying for the sins of the world and thus inaugurating His church at Pentecost in 30 A.D.  until just prior to His eternal judgment of the Jewish world. In 70 A.D. God Used the Roman armies to execute His wrath on that world to the uttermost, Second Thessalonians 2:16.
Within the church for forty years  there existed the fullness of the operation of the three powers of God which are (1) The Spirit of God, (2) The revelation of The Word of God, (3) In the mouth of The Ministry of God.  God gave His Spirit, His word, and His ministry, for the perfecting of the saints, Ephesians 4:11-13. 
After the great falling away, (apostasy) which was  prophesied by the apostle Paul in Acts 20:29-30, First Thessalonians 2:1-7, these gifts ceased to operate in their fullness causing the church to go into the wilderness. God did not take the gifts away, all of these gifts remained, but not in the fullness of their operation. Peter said in 2:38-39, that the promise of the Holy Ghost was given to not only those who were present at that time, but to their children and as many as the Lord should call. The Spirit, the word, and a ministry has existed from then until now.  However without, and until the fullness of operation of these  gifts are restored no one will achieve unto the fullness of the divine nature.
 We as Christians are called and equipped by the Spirit of God to live above willful sin, Hebrews 10:26. However we cannot completely mortify the inward sin nature even unto the divine nature, Second Peter 2:3, in it's totality. When Peter wrote "Unto us all things are given" it  was so, they had the fullness.. It takes the whole to produce the whole.  Until the time of total redemption, we, who God has revealed His purposes to are commissioned to earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints, Jude 1:3-4. We are called to labor in our individual and personal salvation while we labor for our part in the restoration of the church as a whole. Just as the saints of the Old Covenant who being incomplete without Christ, His vicarious sacrifice, and His Spirit, John 7:39, could not be made perfect under the old economy of the Law and  the Prophets Hebrews 7:19. Neither can we without restoration. The good new was and is that they who were faithful could be, and were,  made perfect after the resurrection of Matthew 27:52-53, Hebrews 11:40. That is the pattern of how God in His mercy makes allowance for those who give it all in their time and opportunity. We can make it.  

Tuesday, January 15, 2019


On several occasions the apostle Paul wrote that he, "Would not that believers be ignorant."  Acts 20:20, Romans 1:13, Romans 11:25, First Corinthians 10:1, First Corinthians 12:1, Second Corinthians 1:8, First Thessalonians 4:13. That is to say ignorant  of the many truths, needs, circumstances, and perils, of the early church. 
 The fourteen letters Paul wrote clearly evidence his passion for truth. In, Second Timothy 2:15, the apostle directs his son in the Lord, Timothy, to “Study” and learn so that he would be a qualified minister of the gospel of Christ without bringing shame to either himself or the gospel because of ignorance.
There are those who refuse to look outside of their comfort zone  box of religious orthodoxy and traditionalism to even consider the myriad of facts with evidences concerning creation, with its primary purpose and plan, God and His Son, the devil and demons, evil spirits. The forming and commissioning of Adam and Eve, the why God allowed their fall. The exact why, what, and where, of the   flood of Noah. Then, there is this matter of  Abrahams seed and the Israel of God, both according to the flesh, its judgment, both corrective, punitive, and eternal.  The rise and fall of the apostolic early church, with the subsequent, and current restoration unto the same. Finally, and culminating in the bringing forth of the, manifested sons of God, who will be those who will be called "The Bride of Christ." These will be they which have made themselves like Christ. They will be those who have washed their robes, and who through much patient continuance, resisting unto blood, and yes, death of self, having through submission to God by His Spirit made themselves like Jesus Christ. They, will have, like Jesus, thought it not robbery to be made equal with God.    

Those who resist truth find comfort in ignorance, these are they who refuse to consider, by reason of their love of  tradition and ignorance, continue to cling to the crumbling pillars of the ancient myths of Jewish fables, pagan practises, false so called sciences, and the religious traditions of a church fallen into apostasy. These are those who seeing, see not.      
Second Thessalonians 2:10-12
To Be Willfully Ignorant Is Not An Acceptable Option

Monday, January 14, 2019


To those who only have the things natural its all about the natural. We often hear them repeat mundane cliches such as "Be true to yourself"" Agreed, this we should do as long as it is first and always  also being true to God.  All things are by reason of motive. It is a commonly known law of nature that for every effect there is a cause, and for very action there is a reaction. Oftentimes when someone is asked why they did, or did not, do or say something they answer, "I don't know, I just did it." Unfortunately oftentimes their answer is true. This is especially true of those who are inexperienced, and unlearned. Some things are instinctive, some things are reactionary, some things are simply by reason of, "that's the way everyone does." 
Once understanding that we are what we think, what we feel, and what we desire , or if you will we are mind, which is our intelligence, desires, which are our lusts, and emotions which are our passions of heart, we are equipped to begin to understand ourselves and the why we are what we are. The apostle John wrote in, First John 2:16, that all that is in the world, the desires of the flesh, the desires of mind, and the desires of the emotions.  In Second Peter 1:4, Peter identifies that the corruption that is in the world by reason of lust. 
People are often heard to say, "I trust my feeling's," "I trust my heart," "I trust my opinion." On the surface this may sound good, but let's examine it. All of our feelings are by reason of emotion both positive and negative, good and bad, true and false, biased and unbiased, circumstance, and situation. All opinion of mind is a matter of conjectural  deduction from information subject to the same variables feelings. Then when we consider being directed by our instinctive, perverted, and learned animal lusts, (Nowadays called, "being true to oneself") all one needs to do is witness the folly of those who fall for this deceitful philosophy of this perverted hedonistic world. 
Let me present a better why with a higher cause and greater purpose. "IT IS WRITTEN", The word of God so teaches,  so directs, so commands, so forbids, so I do or do not. This is the why that matters. The motive of a true believer is to do the will of God, regardless of their opinion, emotion, or desire.
 As said the by Son of God, "Never the Less, not my will, but thine be done, Luke 22:42. 

Sunday, January 13, 2019


There are those who are persuaded the scripture teaches instantaneous eternal salvation is accomplished in total simply by confessing the Lord Jesus Christ as your savior, and believing in your heart that God raised Christ from the dead, Romans 10:9. Nothing is said about the confessing and repenting, being baptized. , receiving the Holy Ghost, denying the world or the things of the world, living a separated holy lifestyle, or enduring to the end. It is further presented that salvation is irreversible because Jesus paid our sin debt with His vicarious sacrifice on the cross. They with all assuredness and confidence allow that our sins, past, present, and future, were washed away with the shed blood of Jesus Christ on Calvary's hill. This conclusive statement is in total disregard of innumerable scripture that deny such a position. Consider Hebrews 10:26-31, and Romans 8:12-14. Sin is by definition, transgression of the law, First John 3:4, and as it is clearly denoted in Romans 4:15, where there is no law there is no transgression. 
The bible teaches progressive salvation in three stages, i.e. we are saved, we are being saved, we shall be saved, Second Corinthians 1:9-10. The vicarious sacrifice has delivered us from the sentence of death. The spirit, word, and ministry does now deliver us from death. This we know, through perseverance, (Matthew 10:22) in the faith we shall be delivered from death. 
Colossians 1:22-23, We will be presented to eternal life IF we continue in the faith, grounded and settled, and be not moved away from the hope of the gospel. 
It has been said there are only two types of people, those who are saved and those who are lost, or saved and sinners. This is not what the apostle Peter presented in First Peter :17-18, wherein he said, "If the righteous scarcely be saved, where shall the ungodly, and the sinner appear?" Those who do right are one category. Those who do wrong, (transgress) are another category. That makes two categories. Now we know that the third are the ungodly. The ungodly are the unbelievers, they are gentiles,  which are heathens. they ungodly are those that are not called, or in the mind of God. In the sense of salvation in God they are not so but are as the chaff which the wind drives away, Psalms 1:1.          

Saturday, January 12, 2019


Beyond and above the stated goal of personal salvation, this ministry, with those who aid and support the purposes God by way of revelation are collectively tasked by God with three primary purposes. The first purpose of these purposes is to restore the truth of the gospel which is "All the needed counsel of God", Acts 20:20, Acts 20:27, as it was revealed to the ministry, By Jesus Christ, to the apostolic ministry He inaugurated and ordained by His Spirit on the day of Pentecost in 30 A.D. That ministerial operation was the white throne judgment seat of God in earth for the forty year dispensation of grace God allowed that world before pouring out His wrath to the uttermost from 70-135 AD. 
The second purpose is to restore the administration of the divine order and judgments of God so that the plan of God as revealed through the fullness of the restored truth enables a fully equipped five fold ministry and church qualified to harvest those out of this world whom God determines worthy of everlasting life. This revelation of the reconciliation ministry then will call down the judgment of God on this last untoward generation. Presently they are commissioned with a mission (which is constituted in the first and second). This mission is to build a suitable garner to gather in those who hear the final, Revelation 18:4, call to "COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE".
It seems we hear this great commission of restoration emphasized less and less while hearing what sounds eerily like an echo from the religious elements of Babylon more and more. Our responsibility of uncovering the truth which was once delivered unto the saints, Jude 1:3, which was lost after the falling away, and buried under heaps of tradition, ceremony, pagan customs, and false teachings, is being replaced by calls to; Lets not talk about these things anymore, We can't settle them anyway, so lets let God show us by and by.
 Restoration is our current issue of primacy. Our commission is no echo of religious thought and purpose reverberating our way from diverse religious movements. Our commission of restoration is our very reason of existence. Our vision which is our commission is the very viability of our being existent. If our purposes and labor's are the same as all the others who name the name of Christ why not dissolve, join hands, and labor with them?
 We have no argument with evangelism or missionary works. We have no argument with the saving of souls through the preaching of the gospel of our risen Christ, our Savior. We have no argument with the making and baptizing in water of new converts. We have no argument with the praying of souls through to the baptism of the Holy Ghost. We have no argument with praying, praising, singing, shouting and worshiping God and His Son. All these things we should do, while not  leaving what He has called us to to do undone. 
Just as Jesus said in Matthew 23:23, when rebuking the religious leaders of His time, nothing was wrong with what they were doing right. It what was what they were not doing which was was wrong.
God brought us out of Babylon (man made religious systems) and brought us into this Body upon hearing and having proven to us that the church of the first century fell away. God spoke to and ordained a group of men in the early part of the last century to earnestly contend for the faith that was once delivered unto the saints, Jude 1:1-4, then with that restored truth, restore that church.    Recalling with deep appreciation being invited to a general gathering for the first time and hearing men standing to their feet and questioning one another's teachings in a respectful, loving quest of THE TRUTH. Contending without contentiousness. Men of God striving together for truth and not against one another in contest. Men who remained bound together in the unity of the spirit in the bond of peace until they come to the unity of the faith.
Men commissioned to restore and build again that which was torn down so that there will be a garner to gather together those who at the inauguration of the latter rain church worship God in Spirit and truth, those who endure unto the end and are the overcomer's who are made in His image and His likeness, First John 3:1-3.
We are not another Pentecostal fellowship as in a noun. We do fellowship as in the sense of being a verb. We are a ministry and people with a special calling which is to restore and build again that which once was. Ours is a Nehemiah calling. We are building a wall and we cannot come down. Let's not grow weary in well doing, Galatians 6:9, second Thessalonians 3:13.