Saturday, January 12, 2019


Beyond and above the stated goal of personal salvation, this ministry, with those who aid and support the purposes God by way of revelation are collectively tasked by God with three primary purposes. The first purpose of these purposes is to restore the truth of the gospel which is "All the needed counsel of God", Acts 20:20, Acts 20:27, as it was revealed to the ministry, By Jesus Christ, to the apostolic ministry He inaugurated and ordained by His Spirit on the day of Pentecost in 30 A.D. That ministerial operation was the white throne judgment seat of God in earth for the forty year dispensation of grace God allowed that world before pouring out His wrath to the uttermost from 70-135 AD. 
The second purpose is to restore the administration of the divine order and judgments of God so that the plan of God as revealed through the fullness of the restored truth enables a fully equipped five fold ministry and church qualified to harvest those out of this world whom God determines worthy of everlasting life. This revelation of the reconciliation ministry then will call down the judgment of God on this last untoward generation. Presently they are commissioned with a mission (which is constituted in the first and second). This mission is to build a suitable garner to gather in those who hear the final, Revelation 18:4, call to "COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE".
It seems we hear this great commission of restoration emphasized less and less while hearing what sounds eerily like an echo from the religious elements of Babylon more and more. Our responsibility of uncovering the truth which was once delivered unto the saints, Jude 1:3, which was lost after the falling away, and buried under heaps of tradition, ceremony, pagan customs, and false teachings, is being replaced by calls to; Lets not talk about these things anymore, We can't settle them anyway, so lets let God show us by and by.
 Restoration is our current issue of primacy. Our commission is no echo of religious thought and purpose reverberating our way from diverse religious movements. Our commission of restoration is our very reason of existence. Our vision which is our commission is the very viability of our being existent. If our purposes and labor's are the same as all the others who name the name of Christ why not dissolve, join hands, and labor with them?
 We have no argument with evangelism or missionary works. We have no argument with the saving of souls through the preaching of the gospel of our risen Christ, our Savior. We have no argument with the making and baptizing in water of new converts. We have no argument with the praying of souls through to the baptism of the Holy Ghost. We have no argument with praying, praising, singing, shouting and worshiping God and His Son. All these things we should do, while not  leaving what He has called us to to do undone. 
Just as Jesus said in Matthew 23:23, when rebuking the religious leaders of His time, nothing was wrong with what they were doing right. It what was what they were not doing which was was wrong.
God brought us out of Babylon (man made religious systems) and brought us into this Body upon hearing and having proven to us that the church of the first century fell away. God spoke to and ordained a group of men in the early part of the last century to earnestly contend for the faith that was once delivered unto the saints, Jude 1:1-4, then with that restored truth, restore that church.    Recalling with deep appreciation being invited to a general gathering for the first time and hearing men standing to their feet and questioning one another's teachings in a respectful, loving quest of THE TRUTH. Contending without contentiousness. Men of God striving together for truth and not against one another in contest. Men who remained bound together in the unity of the spirit in the bond of peace until they come to the unity of the faith.
Men commissioned to restore and build again that which was torn down so that there will be a garner to gather together those who at the inauguration of the latter rain church worship God in Spirit and truth, those who endure unto the end and are the overcomer's who are made in His image and His likeness, First John 3:1-3.
We are not another Pentecostal fellowship as in a noun. We do fellowship as in the sense of being a verb. We are a ministry and people with a special calling which is to restore and build again that which once was. Ours is a Nehemiah calling. We are building a wall and we cannot come down. Let's not grow weary in well doing, Galatians 6:9, second Thessalonians 3:13.

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